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About Erandol

It is a small town in the district of Jalgaon in Maharashtra. The town is located on the banks of River Anjani. Erandol is both historical as well as mythological place.

About Erandol

A brief history of Erandol

During ancient times i.e. during Pandavas era, this town was called as “Ek Chakra Nagari”. Later, the name of the town has changed to Arunawati. A temple for Lord Ganesha is situated on the outskirts of the town. It is believed that Pandavas stayed at this town at the time of their exile and the place where they stayed is called as Pandaw Wada. Bhima killed demon Bakasura at a place called Padmalaya which is located 15 Kms away from Erandol. Even today the tourists can find Bhima Bowl, Bhima Kund, Bhima’s hand mill and the place where Bhima fought with Bakasura. There is also a well found near Pandaw Wada which is said to be Draupadi’s well (Draupadikoop). This place was also mentioned in the government gazette as well as in the school textbooks. 

Geography of Erandol

Erandol is situated at 20.9167oN 75.3333oE.  The total area of the town is 7 Sq Kms and it has an elevation of 226 m (741 ft). The town is situated in Deccan Plateau’s Tapi Valley amidst Ajanta and Satpura hills. The town is also situated on the river banks of Anjani and a dam is also built across the river. 

Climate of Erandol

Local steppe climate prevails in Erandol and the town experiences only little rainfall during the year. Koppen and Geiger has classified the climate as BSh. The annual average temperature is 27.3oC and the average annual rainfall is 742 mm. May is the warmest month in Erandol. The coldest month of Erandol is December. 

Administration of Erandol

The town of Erandol is governed by a Municipal Council which is divided into 18 wards. The elections for these wards are held once in every five years. The Municipal Council provides all the basic amenities to the residents of the town. 

Business and Economy in Erandol

The main occupation of the people of Erandol is agriculture and people are also engaged in industries that are associated with agriculture. 

Culture of Erandol

Majority of the population of the Erandol town are of Hindus. However, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains also live here. 

Tourism in Erandol

Some of the tourists’ attractions of Erandol are as follows:

Anjani River & Dam

This dam is constructed across Anjani River and is situated 4 Kms away from Erandol. This is the major hope of the people of Erandol for the development of their town.

Pandaw Wada

It is in this place that Pandavas lived for sometime during their exile. Some of the attractions still found today are Bhima handmill, Bhima Kund, the place where Bhima fought with Bakasura, Draupadikoop and Bhima’s bowl. 

Sri Padmalaya

There are two and a half Ganapati peeths found in India. Out of this, Erandol is considered as half peeth. This place is called as Padmalaya Kshetra. The temple is situated on top of the hill. Several small temples are also found around the main temple. Shree Govind Maharaj’s padukas are kept in front of temple. The pilgrims can also find a bell next to padukas. In the shrine, there are two swayambhu Ganesh idols are found and one of it has its trunk curved to the right and the other idol has it to the left. Padmalaya is also called as “Prabhakshetra” and is situated 4.8 km away from Erandol. 

Shree Ram Temple

This temple dates back to some 300 years and is situated near the River Anjani. 

Jama Masjid

This mosque was built in 1300 AD by Alauddin Khilji. The holy Quran is inscribed on the walls of the mosque. The mosque comes with a large quadrangle which is surrounded by a wall that has succession of windows on which stone lattice work based on different patterns are done. The centre of the mosque has huge roof that is made of great blocks which is supported by beams with traces of yellow and red colour. The whole central mosque is supported by large pillars made of stone and is adorned with flowers. 

Apart from the above, the tourists can also visit the nearby cities like Dhule, Burhanpur, Grishneshwar, Aurangabad and Toranmal. 

Public Utility Services in Erandol

Though Erandol is a small town, it comes with many public utility services.  Let’s see some of them here.

Banking Services in Erandol

The following banks operate in Erandol:

Jalgaon Janata Sahkari Bank
C Surve No 727 Marwadi Galli
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-246146

Central Bank of India 
726 Marwadi Galli
Main Road
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-22612008

State Bank of India
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-244236, 245867

Dena Bank
Marwadi Galli
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-244238
Email: erando@denabank.co.in 

Postal and Courier Services in Erandol 

The address of post office in Erandol is: 

Erandol Sub Post Office
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-245900

The following courier services operate in Erandol:

The Professional Couriers
Main Road Opp Medical Shop
Maharashtra 425 408
Tel: 09823348234
Website: www.tpcindia.com  

First Flight Couriers Ltd
At Post Nashirabad Opp Soni Hotel
Tel: 3200150
Website: www.firstflight.net 

Pushpak Courier
Opp Pawar Medical
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 9423492753

Telecom and Broadband Services in Erandol 

The address of the BSNL Office in Erandol is as follows:

BSNL Office
Telephone Exchange Building
Maharashtra 425 109
Tel: 02588-244399
Fax: 02588-244567

Private telecom companies also operate in Erandol.

How to Reach Erandol

Erandol is well connected by road with all major cities of Maharashtra state. NH 6 which connects Nagpur with Mumbai runs through Erandol and connects it with Dhule on the west and on the east to Jalgaon. MSRTC buses and private buses are operated here. The nearest railway stations are Dharangaon which is situated 12 Kms from Erandol on Surat line and Mhasawad which is some 14 Kms away on the Mumbai line.  The nearest railway station is Aurangabad Airport which is situated some 120 Kms away from the Erandol town. 

Quick Facts about Erandol

Government - Municipal Councillor  
Area - 7 Sq Km
Population as per the 2011 census - 31,071
Time zone - IST
Postal Index Number - 425 109
STD Code - 02588
Official Languages - Marathi

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